Weigh-In Sheet & Score Sheet

Thought it might be useful to have a couple of sheets you can print out to make the whole match process a bit easier.

The first is a weigh in sheet to record names, bodyweights and the rank of each lifter within their team.

Weigh In Sheet

The second is a score sheet for the match itself. To calculate the allowance you subtract the lighter bodyweight of the pairing from the heavier bodyweight and multiply the result by 2. This gives the total bodyweight allowance for the match – this is the amount you add to the lighter lifter’s total. The sub total (best snatch achieved plus full allowances) allows each coach to easily see how much their lifter has to lift to win. The sub total is calculated by first multiplying the best snatch by the gender coefficient if applicable then adding the allowance. The gender coefficient is only used if a female is competing against a male, in this case the female lifters best snatch and best clean & jerk result are multiplied by 1.3 before adding any bodyweight allowance due.

Hope that’s clear. If anyone comes up with a better score sheet or knocks one up in excel which does the hard work for you (see below) etc then please feel free to email it over (admin@liftingleague.co.uk) and I’ll replace my efforts. These are both just simple (and not very pretty) word (2007) tables.

New scoresheet below courtesy of South coast admin Stu. Put your numbers in- it works it all out!