Match Guidelines

A team consists of 4 lifters with any combination of male and female lifters.

Weigh in limited to 30 minutes, match should start (lift off) 30 minutes after last lifter has weighed in. This is to keep match times down making evening matches etc more feasible.

Team managers will rank their lifters 1 to 4 and each lifter is paired against their counterpart from the other team (ie no. 1 team A vs no. 1 team B etc). Remember rule 1 of the league – no lying about the ranking of your team members. We will be watching!

Each match between a pair of lifters is decided on a pound-for-pound basis. If lifter A weighs 10kg more than lifter B then lifter B has 20kg (2 x difference in bodyweights) added to their total. If one lifter is female then her total is multiplied by 1.3 before the bodyweight allowance is added. The winner is the lifter with the highest total including the bodyweight and gender allowance. In the event of a draw the lighter lifter is the winner.

1 point is awarded to the winner of each pairing. The team with the most points wins. In the event of a draw the totals of each team, including bodyweight and gender allowances, are added up and the team with the highest overall total is the winner. If it is still a draw after all that the winner is decided by a game of rock, paper scissors (best of 3) between team managers. Or you could arrange another match. Or whatever.


Lifter A is female and weighs 70kg. Lifter B is male and weighs 65kg. This gives Lifter B a 10kg bodyweight allowance (2 times the difference between bodyweights)

Lifter A totals 100kg which is multiplied by 1.3 (gender allowance) to give 130kg.

Lifter B totals 121kg. 10kg is added to his total (bodyweight allowance) to give 131kg.

Lifter B is the winner!