League Guidelines

  • Rule 1 of the league is NO WANKERS! Examples of being a wanker are lying about the ranking of your lifters or delaying a match for as long as possible purely for competitive advantage.
  • Entry fee £50 per team
  • For details on how to enter your team into the league please click on the relevant link below
  • A team consists of 4 lifters. This can be made up of any combination of male and female lifters. A lifter can only represent one team in any given season.
  • Male and female lifters can compete directly against each other in matches, the female lifter’s total is multiplied by 1.3 then the result of the match is calculated in the lb-for-lb manner according to the league rules.
  • Once the deadline for entries has passed the league will be organised as follows.
    • If more than 8 teams enter the league it will be split into groups of 4 – 6 teams.
    • The groups will be selected to minimise travel
    • A fixtures list will be drawn up so each team in a group faces every other team once with approximately equal number of home and away matches
    • Each fixture will be allotted a three week time period in which the match must take place (this can vary according to the size of the league. In the South East it’s two weeks per round this season. See regional facbook pages for details).
    • 1 point is awarded to the winner of a match. At the end of the year, the winner of the group is the team that has accumulated the most points
    • If there is more than one group in a league the group winners will enter into a knockout stage for the league they are competing in and the winner of this knockout stage will go on to the national knockout stage
    • If there are an odd number of groups in a league the second place team with the best “countback” total will continue through to the knockout stage along with the group winners
  • Team managers – please submit the result with a match report and accompanying photo’s/video. We also want to encourage all teams to post their results and photo’s on the lifting league Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/Liftingleague) and to upload match video’s to the lifting league YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/liftingleague)
  • The top Crossfit team from each region will go in to the Affiliates Cup knockout stage with the same format as the main league knockout stage to find the strongest Crossfit club in the Lifting League.
  • Area covered by the league


——————— Northern
———————  East Anglian
———————  South West
———————  South East
———————  South Coast


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