Don’t Sue Us – Please Read!

The lifting league was formed to provide weightlifting enthusiasts with a forum and a format within which they can arrange matches so they can compete and enjoy the sport. We don’t take any responsibility for your well-being when you compete and expect you to be fully aware of the risks involved in trying to lift extremely heavy weights above your head. If you are not happy to accept these risks or don’t understand that these risks  exist (if you don’t there’s plenty of clips on YouTube to educate you, try typing in “weightlifting accidents”) then competitive weightlifting isn’t for you.

Being part of the lifting league does not imply that any lifting venue is safe. If you are not happy with the equipment or environment you are about to compete in, please don’t lift. This is a league for adults and we think you are capable of being responsible for your own safety so don’t sue us if it goes wrong.

BWL membership provides personal injury insurance cover for those taking part in weightlifting in a BWL affiliated club so may be worth looking into if you’re competing in the ladder. Details of this insurance can be found at for-sports/british-weight-lifting